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Entrepreneur, Problem solver, People geek, learner and strategic risk taker. Endeavor Entrepreneur, and proud mom of a girl named Azul.

About Tania

Tania Zapata is a Colombian-born voice over artist and entrepreneur. Born and raised in Bogota, Tania immigrated to the United States, settling down in Miami, at the age of 18.

While Tania now goes by many professional titles – CEO of Voice123, Chief People Officer of Bunny Inc., Partner of Zapata Torrenegra Labs, and Co-founder and Advisor of Torre Technologies Co. – she started from the bottom and built her legacy from the ground up.


Prior to achieving the success that Tania and her husband enjoy, Tania worked tirelessly to support herself, and coincidentally, this led to her passion for voice work. As the receptionist at a Miami-based radio station, Tania found herself interested in the process and began volunteering her time to learning the trade.

Tania quickly found herself behind the microphone, first at Caracol, then at RCN, and later at Radio One. As her popularity and love for the trade grew, so did her confidence. Tania eventually began working as a freelance voice artist, but this venture into the freelance world made her realize that inefficiency in the voice over industry was common.


It was at this time in Tania’s life that she met Alex Torrenegra, a Colombian-born entrepreneur with a passion for technology.

As her love for Alex grew, so did her love for the voice over industry.

After marrying Alex, the couple combined their passions to create Voice123, the first marketplace of its kind which allowed companies such as DisneyPandora, PixarSpotify, History Channel, Warner Brothers and many others to find voice over artists without the use of agents.


With the success of Voice123, Tania and Alex found themselves wanting to further expand the scope of their voice over services.

In 2012, Tania and Alex teamed up with Lucho Molina and founded Bunny Inc. With an eye towards increasing the efficiency of the voice over industry, VoiceBunny was created. VoiceBunny is an on-demand voice over fulfillment service, and it aims to connect companies or individuals looking for voice overs directly with voice over artists. This cuts out the middle man, making work more efficient, less time consuming, and more affordable.


While the success achieved by Tania would be enough for some, Tania continues to expand her goals and work towards fulfilling her dreams.

Tania’s latest venture, Torre Technologies Co., aims to make work fulfilling for all.

Tania’s love for the voice over industry - and her husband’s passion for technology - has led to a revolution in the voiceover world. As they continue to expand their reach, the industry will only continue to benefit, and voice over artists everywhere will finally be able to perform the work they love.

Currently, Tania is working in creating an adaptive child developing tool that will allow parents help their children develop their full potential.