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Unapologetic dreamer. ENTREPRENEUR. Love to learn and solve things. Always curious about the human brain and human behavior. The biggest joys in life are my partner and love of my life Alex torrenegra and our daughter Azul.



About Tania

I am the CEO of Akily, a free adaptive child development app for modern parenting that wants to democratize children's development. I also co-founded Torre, a group of brands that are making work fulfilling for everyone; among them is Voice123 and VoiceBunny.

Besides our own ventures Alex Torrenegra and I have invested in other companies like VivaReal, the largest real estate marketplace in Brazil, Cornershop a grocery delivery app in Latam and the Endeavor Catalyst among others.


I was born 2600 meters closer to the stars in Bogota, Colombia. Like many Colombians coming to age during the 90’s, I wanted to find a place where I could realize my dreams and at the time, Colombia was not the place. I was very lucky to be sponsored by a family member that had previously migrated to the US. I have been here since I was 18.

To support myself, I worked tirelessly doing all sorts of non-qualified jobs while I learned English until I was hired as the receptionist at a Miami-based radio station. It was at the radio station that I fell in love with voice overs. To learn about the trade and process, I began volunteering my time to learning anything I could get my hands into.

Quickly, I found myself behind the microphone, first at Caracol, then at RCN, and later at Radio Uno. As my popularity and love for the trade grew, so did my confidence. I eventually began working as a freelance voice artist, but this venture into the freelance world made me realize that inefficiency in the voiceover industry was common.


It was at this time in my life that I met Alex Torrenegra, a Colombian-born entrepreneur with a passion for technology.

It was the combination of his love for technology and my love for the voice over industry that help us realize the possibility for revolutionizing the industry.

After marrying Alex, we combined our passions to create Voice123, the first marketplace of its kind which allowed companies such as Disney, Pandora, Pixar, Spotify, History Channel, Warner Brothers and many others to find voice over artists without the use of agents.


Investments (and failures) 

With the success of Voice123, Alex and I found ourselves wanting to further expand the scope of our voice over services. We launched several other services following the Voice123 model, convinced that they were going to do as well as Voice123. To our chagrin, they didn’t. The most important lessons as entrepreneurs have had come from our failures.  RIP: Language123, Casting123, Letmego and Localo. 

In 2012, we teamed up with Lucho Molina and founded Bunny Inc. With an eye towards increasing the efficiency of the voice over industry, VoiceBunny was created. VoiceBunny is an on-demand voice over fulfillment service, and it aims to connect companies or individuals looking for voice overs directly with voice over artists. This cuts out the middleman, making work more efficient, less time consuming, and more affordable. As we continue to expand our reach and with the purpose of making work fulfilling for everyone, we have launched other brands: WritingBunny and TranslationBunny.


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